Don’t forget to pack the dog!

When I get enquiries through, occasionally I get asked if the dog can come too. My answer is always a massive YES! I love to meet peoples fur babies and I love to have them included in their images. To some, a dog is a dog and nothing more. To […]

Why Maternity Photography?

So, you’re at the beginning of your pregnancy and you’re super excited about everything! You can’t wait for your bump to appear and to be able to feel your baby move. You can’t wait for that 12 week scan appointment so that you can see your baby for the first […]

What is a sitter session?

So, you’re scrolling through photographers websites, searching for the right one to suit your family and you keep seeing sitter sessions being advertised and you’re wondering; what are they? From birth, your little one will go through many important milestones such as, flashing their first gummy smile, rolling over for […]

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