Parents; This toothbrush will change your life!

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This is for anyone who struggles to get their child’s teeth clean every day.

Ever since my daughter got her first tooth, brushing twice a day, every day has been a horrendous struggle. She is now 3 and completely clamps her mouth shut when it’s time to brush.

Both my husband, myself and her Godmother have tried everything we could think of to get those little pegs cleaned. But nothing worked.


On T’s third birthday, her Godmother came round and gave her this:

Let’s open the box.

I have a small confession to make…my daughter has hidden the charger for this brush, so I can’t show you using one of my images. I have taken a couple off google for you though. The box contains the brush, charger and a cup.

What the?!

So, after a brief 5 minutes of complete confusion, I came to realise that it was an electric toothbrush!
I genuinely thought that it was another gimmick and would last all of 10 seconds.

Oh, how wrong was I?!

This fun little chewable brush has revolutionised my daughter’s way of thinking, it’s absolutely brilliant!

All you do is smear toothpaste over the whole mouthpiece and let your child chew on it. It has tiny bristles that rub away all of the nasties, thus cleaning their teeth!
Once your little one is brave enough, you can start to introduce the electric part which cleans even better.

Here’s the brush in action via a very quick timelapse!


So, if your child HATES toothbrush time, PLEASE let me help you! The link for the toothbrush is below, it’s not a very easy one to find. It comes in either pink or blue and you will also have the choice of mouthpiece size.
I hope that it helps get your child a little more enthusiastic about cleaning their teeth.

Let me know how you get on in the comments πŸ™‚
Selina x

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